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Homegirl Pro

A fantasy console inspired by the Commodore Amiga · By poeticandroid


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Happy birthday, Homegirl! ..and goodbye..
It’s now exactly one year ago that I made the first commit to the Homegirl repo ! A lot has happened since then.. The console is all grown up! :) It may not...
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Game on, homegirl! 🕹
First of all, sorry for the long delay.. I don't really have an excuse for why this update took so long.. It's not like it took a lot of work.. most of it was a...
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Homegirl Workshop MVP!
The Homegirl Workshop is now pretty much feature complete! Meaning you can now do pretty much any kind of file operations in the file manager and not have to re...
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The Homegirl Workshop is open 🛠
A basic version of the Homegirl Workshop (which is basically a reinterpretation of the Amiga Workbench) is now done.. Well.. when I say "basic", it's still lack...
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Thank you for your patience..
To all who have followed my development of Homegirl so far: Thank you so much for being patient with me.. ❤ I know development have been slow at times.. This...
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Homegirl finally works! 🤞
After almost a week of debugging and polishing, I think I've finally gotten Homegirl to work for as many people as possible.. :) First challenge was to make ins...
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Post your comments, reactions, praise and disappointments here! If you have any questions or problems, please create a n...
started by poeticandroid Sep 15, 2019
1 reply
The Fantasy Consoles Discord server is back! As of now, we have dedicated channels for: (33) Fantasy Consoles (17) Fanta...
started by ProHiScore Feb 11, 2022
1 reply
Hello, whats the spec of this server? what software do you use and how can i build my own private one? :) Thanks
started by scops May 07, 2020
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What is The Programming Language
started by kai12345 Jan 11, 2020
1 reply
Im using latest version in a windows 10 machine but when I try to start it a windows is opened and suddendly it is close...
started by SiroVai Nov 10, 2019
10 replies