Homegirl Workshop MVP!

The Homegirl Workshop is now pretty much feature complete!

Meaning you can now do pretty much any kind of file operations in the file manager and not have to rely on using the shell so much..

It took quite a bit of work to implement the basic UI widgets necessary to be able to make dialog boxes, buttons, text inputs and pulldown menus.. Mostly because this is the kind of thing that I felt was important to get "right" as early as possible, as the majority of the tools I have yet to make would probably rely heavily on it..

Also all filenames and paths are now all lowercase by default.. This is to iron out the differences between platforms and filesystems that may or may not have case-sensitive filenames.. Files with uppercase letters can still be accessed, provided the casing matches exactly, otherwise the lowercase name is presumed..

I hope you enjoy :)


homegirl_pro.zip 7 MB
Oct 18, 2019

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