Happy birthday, Homegirl! ..and goodbye..

It’s now exactly one year ago that I made the first commit to the Homegirl repo!

A lot has happened since then.. The console is all grown up! :) It may not have all the tools yet, but it has a lot to get started..

A lot has also happened personally.. It’s been a little tough sometimes, developing on the same project for so long.. And Homegirl is the type of project that you can never really finish.. There’s always something more to add..

Also I kinda miss making more creative stuff, like games and graphics and stuff.. Basically I’d rather use tools than make them.. I’ve just been too much of a perfectionist to settle with the tools already available, that I’ve felt compelled to make my own, which just gives me less time to actually use them.

So! I’ve decided to lay development for Homegirl to rest.. at least for now.. maybe forever.. and focus on other smaller projects..

Fortunately Homegirl is open source, so anyone can pick it up and develop it further, if they so desire..

I will still be available to help out with any issues you might have with Homegirl.. And also you can join the #homegirl channel on the Fantasy Console Discord server..


homegirl_pro_0.8.1.zip 8 MB
Apr 25, 2020

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i understand your decision, but i just discovered Homegirl a few days back and hoped it will grow up over time like tic80 or pico-8. yes, it is open source, but every project needs a maintainer or it mostyl dies. so i really hope you will come back to the development on Homegirl some time (soon ^^).

Thanks for this project and your work!